Technical Support

At the rate of $89.99 an hour (plus parts, if required) an experienced 5 to 9 Support Technician will travel to your place of residence or business and troubleshoot your computer problems. This rate is independent of your location in the Phoenix Valley and the time of day. Listen to our radio show for coupon codes to get discounts on our rates. All of our technicians are experienced in solving technical issues with PCs running Windows, and a limited number also have experience with Linux and Macintosh. We will also troubleshoot and resolve hardware issues (computer will not start, etc). If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (602) 535-5699 or send us an email.

Data Backup

External HD

5 to 9 offers multiple solutions for backing up your data. At our normal hourly rate we will provide a one-time backup of your data onto DVD(s). This is useful if you need to format your computer and re-install Windows and you don't currently have a backup scheme. We also offer a service to setup a backup scheme for you. For $199.99 you get 80GB of backup capacity (that's over 100 CDs worth of storage!) and we will spend up to an hour setting up an automatic backup schedule for you. If that's not enough storage space for you, for $259.99 we will set you up with 200GB of backup capacity (over 250 CDs worth of storage). This also includes an hour of setting up a backup scheme. The advantage of an automatic backup is that you are covered in the event of an accidental deletion or a mistake made editing a file as well as if your hard drive fails. In addition, if you ever need to re-install Windows, you already have a backup. You can look at your backup as insurance for your family pictures, music you bought off of iTunes, work projects, and school assignments.

Hard Drive Platter

Data Recovery

If your hard drive fails, or you accidentally formatted your hard drive, 5 to 9 can help. We have software that can recover deleted files, and performs miracles on drives that seem to have failed. For $149.99 we will run our repair utility on your hard drive. If you accidentally format your hard drive, or delete important files we can recover them for $299.99. If we cannot repair your hard drive, or recover any of your files, there is no charge to you for the attempt. While we can usually recover most of your data, sometimes hard drives are beyond repair. For this reason we recommend that you are proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your important data and set up a back up scheme so you are prepared when a hard drive fails.


Networking Setup

If you want to share an internet connection amongst multiple computers in a household, or share files between multiple computers, you need to setup a network and 5 to 9 can help. For the low price of $114.99 we will setup a network for up to two computers. Each additional computer is only $29.99. If you have a bigger networking project we can also put together a bid for you. Our technicians have experience setting up secure wireless networks, running and terminating wires for wired networks, and configuring shared directories, printers, network storage devices, and virtual private networks. We can also supply networking hardware, or provide recommendations on what to purchase.